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My previous brand name under which I'd undertake projects for Web Design & Development.

Some Interesting Projects I've taken up:

  • OyePG

    "We want to make it easy for new expats in Bangalore to find & book reliable Paying Guest Facilities", Syed Tabrez approached us with the basic idea of a portal for users. Paying Guest Accomodation is unorganized currently, and Oye!PG aims to solve that problem by providing newcomers to Bangalore with the answers they seek - will it be close enough to their workplace? Is it secure? What if I don't like the food!

    For this young start-up we planned & proposed a Minimum Viable Product they could use to validate their business idea and to start gaining trust of their customers.

  • JaiHoBharat

    I have a vision to solve the problem of corruption in India. I'd like to provide people with a portal where they can register their complaints pertaining to corruption, and it will get picked up by my backend team and sent to the relevant authorities for investigation and resolution.

    We built a small complaint-registering portal where users could post complaints, track the progress, and an administrative team could process this.

  • Evolve

    A website to feature around 1000 properties, with focus on swift navigation & search, to be SEO-friendly and mobile optimized. Oh, and ofcourse, being a property website, the photos were the key selling factor, so we needed a design that emphasized photos & virtual tours.

    We put together a website with a very business-y professional feel to it & keeping in mind the target visitors & nature of business. We've separated the navigation into various categories with advanced searching & filtering options.

  • Eeztail

    This one was fun, it's a partner company in fact. They do SEO & Marketing, and wanted a professional yet edgy website to market their services with. I did the content for it, my partner Suraj did the website design.

What did I learn?

  • Prototyping & The Lean Startup Methodology

    I'm big on Prorotyping before going into development. If you've got an idea for a website, it has to be tested out first. I've helped folks define what their version of a Minimum Viable Product should be and then gone on to set this up for them.

  • Understanding Client Needs

    Converting vague specs to broad requirements, and then furnishing the requirements into tangible software. The whole gamut. Was pretty exciting to do this on my own.

  • Working with budgets

    I've never been the type to say, hey, you need a website, I'll charge you a $1000 and do it for you. I've always been flexible and able to find a way to work in the budget a client has in mind. Software is versatile, pricing should be too.

  • Running a Business 101

    Hiring, salaries, marketing, selling your services, following up with payments, everything. It's been a fair roller coaster working on my own here.

A little more about my company

It was a small team, me & my then-boyfriend / partner - Suraj ran the whole thing. We had a few remote freelancers we worked with for various activities - Graphic Designer, Content Developers, Data Entry Persons, SEO & Marketing folks, and everything in between.

White Teak, infact, was a project of mine that I'd sought out while we were building this company - and I ended up sticking around longer there. Suraj still freelances and does Front End design and if you're looking for a front end guy, he's your person.